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It's a common sight in schools. Outside and inside buildings, classrooms, cafeterias and in play areas. The clutter of students bags, backpacks, lunchboxes and anything else dropped in favour of the playground.


Solving Student Bag Clutter

Ideally, students will have lockers or cubbies where they can store their belongings during the day.

Sometimes, though, there is no good place to stow backpacks or lunchboxes and they end up strewn haphazardly across the floor or piled against a wall.

This storage method not only looks untidy and unsightly, but it also creates a fire hazard and trip hazard.

What can your school or your classroom do to solve student bag clutter?

School Bag Racks
More than just storage

Good quality racks provide ample temporary storage for backpacks, lunchboxes or other student belongings—perfect for lunch periods, brief recess periods, out on the playground or in classrooms where there are no cubbies.

Bag racks offer a tidier space and assist to eliminate fire and trip hazards -  and students easily adopt and use them.

At QUANTUM Libraries, we know one solution does not fit all spaces when it comes to bag rack fit-outs. We perform bag rack fit-outs regularly throughout Australia and we know what makes a good quality bag rack solution.

Custom Built School Bag Racks

What makes a Good Bag Rack?

  • Properly Rust Treated
  • Braced for Student Use
  • A Grade Materials
  • Long Service Life
  • Extended Warranty
  • Weather Proof

Bag Racks are a less expensive Option

Student Bag Racks are less expensive to install than than cubbies or lockers.

They can be the perfect solution for the classroom, lunchroom or playground storage. They can also be perfect for school dismissal areas—so students can set down their bags while they wait for their parents or school bus to pick them up at the end of the day. 

Anywhere in your school building where bags tend to create problems with clutter and storage, bag racks can offer an ideal fix.

Considerations when planning Your Bag Racks

Bag Rack Design.

The right height for age group, easy to use and a spacious solution which ensures bags are inserted, retrieved and retained easily.

Safety is a key consideration - secure from toppling over with uneven distribution of weight and when students decide to use the rack as the unintended seat they sometimes evolve into!

Ensure edges are safe for bumps and knocks. 

Durable Bag Racks have
Future Proofed Construction

indoor metal school bag racks


Steel frames and powder-coated bases are best for longevity. Powder coated steel helps protect the slats of the your bag racks against the elements—making them ideal for outdoor use.

In most cases, bag racks will stand the test of time just fine indoors but will struggle in outdoor locations.

If your school has ever installed bag racks outdoors before, you might have noticed the slats of the racking rusting and rotting out over time?

Weather-related damage can result in premature bag rack replacement, which only makes a lowest quality solution much more expensive than a quality choice in the long run.

school children on top of bag rack clipart

Student punishment and unintended use can lead to costly replacement of lower quality design and construction

We hope this article was useful and for more information our trained staff are only too happy to assist with all Education requirements. Thanks for leaving a comment below !

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