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Innovations in Library Book Return Systems, Book Handling Automation and Security Gates

Automation in library systems has become something of a buzzword these days. With many library managers eager to find solutions to the common problems that manual shelving and book handling can pose, it’s no surprise that such systems are becoming more popular. Along with this increased interest in automation, there is also a desire to install up-to-date library security systems and to modernise more broadly through upgrades to RFID or other barcode technologies.

QUANTUM Libraries understands these and other customer needs, which is why so many library managers across Australia trust our state-of-the-art systems that help make the library workplace safer for your staff and more enjoyable for visitors.

How Updated Technology Improves Library Return Systems and Security

Various emerging technologies have made it possible to enhance library services and safety in ways that managers of the past could barely conceive. These include library book return systems that reduce staff workload and the incidence of workplace injuries caused by repetitive strain, as well as automated book handling systems that include self-levelling trolleys and sorting conveyor lines. Integrating these systems into your library’s day-to-day operations will not only improve workplace safety but may also improve customer service for your visitors and make cataloguing more efficient.

Another way that technology has improved the public library in recent years is through the development of high-tech, future-proof library security gates that use a hybrid of RFID and EM/Barcode technologies. QUANTUM Libraries provides multiple models of effective library gates and other security systems that can be integrated into any library, big or small. We also offer some of the latest solutions for library book handling automation, designed to create the best possible experience for everyone involved. We manufacture a variety of systems and furniture for libraries nationwide, right down to the metal fabrication and shelving joinery.

Where to Get Library Security Systems and Book Handling Automation You Can Trust

QUANTUM Libraries is proud of the many innovative solutions we have developed that solve everyday problems library managers like you face. For over three decades, we have stood by the quality of our products and our commitment to providing you with top-of-the-line customer service. Whether you are looking for comprehensive library security systems, or are curious how your library might benefit from automation, we are ready to work with you to make your library the best it can be.

At QUANTUM Libraries, we manufacture a wide variety of automation and security systems with modern libraries in mind. We also produce customisable shelving and other furnishings that you can tailor to your needs. With a head office and cabinet shop in Wakerley and a steel shop located in Hemmant, you can trust that all products we manufacture are Australia-made and of the highest possible quality.

So, step into the future with upgrade library security gates, self-loading trolleys and other modern inventions that are sure to improve every aspect of operation. Contact QUANTUM Libraries today to start designing the new and improved face of your facility.


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