Need a Book Cart or Library Trolley on Wheels? QUANTUM Libraries Can Help

Library carts may not seem very glamorous, but they are one of the most important items in a library or classroom. They started out as simple book carts to help librarians shelve books more efficiently, but they turned out to be so useful and versatile that now they are used in classrooms and other ways as well. It’s as familiar to find a library trolley packed with classroom aids, student supplies, or physical education gear as it is to find one loaded with books. They do a great job of storing and transporting lots of different supplies and help educators concentrate on doing their jobs efficiently. The library is far from the only room in your school that stands to benefit from a well-made book trolley on wheels. Because book carts can contribute to the educational environment in so many ways, it’s time to take a broader view of these versatile items. They come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colours and are designed to do a variety of specific jobs.

Find a library book cart at QUANTUM Libraries

At QUANTUM Libraries, we offer high-quality, durable trolleys on wheels capable of handling a range of tasks. We know libraries, and our trolleys are designed for use throughout the education and library industry in schools, universities, museums, councils, art galleries, and even hospitals throughout Australia. Our trolleys feature tubular steel frames with fully-braced bases for added strength and a durable powder coat for extra protection and aesthetic appeal. We have over 30 years’ experience operating our own Light Steel Engineering Workshop, and we’ve taken what we’ve learned to produce a range of excellent library and classroom furniture, equipment, and supplies.

Choose from a single-sided cart with two or three shelves or a double-sided cart with two or three flat or sloping shelves. We offer numerous options including steel or a combination of steel and melamine board, plastic tubs, dividers, returns and courier trolleys, chair trolleys, flat screen TV and laptop trolleys, collection relocation trolleys, and much more.

About QUANTUM Libraries

We offer a wide range of equipment and supplies for modern libraries and classrooms. Our library carts are capable of organising and transporting books, other media, and much more. Whether you use them to store books, instruments, models, or art supplies, they can help librarians, administrators, and teachers distribute materials faster and more efficiently. We also offer a range of other equipment and supplies including under-stage storage trolleys, bag rack fit-outs, storeroom shelving, science lab fit-outs, custom classroom fit-outs, library reception PODs, -counters, -benches, -security systems, custom shelving, and more. We have a 10-year guarantee on all custom furniture so that you can feel good about your investment. Our customers rely on us to deliver practical solutions and top-notch quality, and we do just that. For more information or to discuss your library or classroom needs, contact QUANTUM Libraries today.

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