Break Out of ‘The Fortress’ with Height-Adjustable Library Reception Pods

The traditional image of the bulky library reception counter with its stern, bespectacled librarian might be somewhat reminiscent of a fortress, something that keeps the public at arm’s length and is far from inviting. Thankfully, as libraries evolve and modernize, this image is beginning to change, with the imposing library counter of days past increasingly being replaced by more welcoming library reception pods and other improvements. At QUANTUM Libraries, we manufacture pod-style adjustable reception desks that help make your visitors’ experience more enjoyable.

While other industries, such as major hotel chains, have long known that pod-style reception desks make for a smoother guest experience than more formal-looking counters, public and school libraries have only recently begun to do the same. Yet with an increased desire to modernise library facilities with such improvements as book handling automation and digitizing archives, it also makes sense to give the traditional library reception desk a much-needed makeover.

With height-adjustable library reception pods from QUANTUM Libraries, you can create a friendlier atmosphere for visitors by placing a human face up front and centre as guests enter your facility. Best of all, because the pods are adjustable, you won’t have to worry about tall staff members having to stoop over, or shorter employees feeling dwarfed by comparison.

At QUANTUM Libraries, we manufacture all our reception desks right here in Australia, from quality materials. With our over three decades’ worth of experience, we know what works for libraries of all types and sizes.

Stop putting up walls between you and your valued library guests. Contact QUANTUM Libraries today to see how our height-adjustable library reception pods can transform the look and feel of your library facility.

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