How QUANTUM Libraries Makes Library Relocations in Brisbane Simple

Libraries need renovations or upgrades to their facilities from time to time, and as every library manager knows, this means relocating perhaps dozens of bookshelves and thousands of books while the work is in progress. How do you take on such a daunting task without risking injury to your staff? At QUANTUM Libraries, we provide reliable library relocations in the Brisbane area that ensures everything in your collection is moved and kept safe.

Library relocations come with a host of logistical concerns. Because you likely stock more than just books, you may have to consider just how to pack and transport files, periodicals, CDs, DVDs and much more, all within a relatively short period. You will also need to consider how these items will fit in their new configuration once the relocation is complete, and what, if any, items you may wish to retire or weed out of your collection. In short, you need a plan and the resources to execute it. To make sure your move is done right, you should consider QUANTUM Libraries, the only company in Australia with three decades’ worth of experience carrying out library relocations in Brisbane and nationwide.

Your library’s collection is worth protecting. Make sure that everything is managed safely with the help of professionals from QUANTUM Libraries. We can assist with all types of relocations, be it building to building or internal, and for all library facilities big and small. Be sure to fill out our enquiry form to learn more about how we can assist with library relocations in the Brisbane area.

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