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Library shelves do much more than merely hold books. Modern libraries deserve more than bookshelves that look like warehouse racking. That’s because making a library user-friendly, attractive, and fun, the shelving is about more than storage – it’s also about displaying them in an aesthetically pleasing way. We offer a range of library bookcase options designed to make books look interesting so that students will want to pick them up and explore them. With many custom designs, sizes, and styles, we can provide shelving to suit any need. Give your library sophisticated, modern appeal with QUANTUM Libraries.

Designing library bookshelves

Creating a contemporary library space for students to enjoy and learn in requires a deep understanding of the various ways in which students engage with learning on both individual and social levels. You can use shelving, tables, and chairs, to configure and reconfigure spaces to use as different groups with different needs come and go throughout the day. You can use colourful or neutral library shelving in Australia to create different zones for various activities and modern seating options for comfort and style.

Our designs are based on our three decades of industry experience and research. We’ve learned a lot over the years about how students use libraries and what entices them to pick up a book or read a digital message. We understand how physical factors such as colour and space have a direct impact on learning experiences, and we pride ourselves on doing what we do well.

The varying needs of staff and students mean that the library should be a space for small groups to work on projects, big enough for whole classes, and a haven for quiet individual study simultaneously. You can also create different areas for different age groups. The well-designed modern library offers seating options as well as the ability to change the layout for a fresh perspective – say, at the start of a new term. Cleverly-designed shelves are an essential part of the overall feel and style of the library.

Custom library shelving at QUANTUM Libraries

At QUANTUM Libraries, we offer custom bookshelves and bookcase options to suit a wide variety of classroom or library needs. Throughout Australia, we provide hundreds of colours, styles, and sizes to choose from when it comes to shelving systems, designs, accessories, and layouts. We carefully select our products for their unmatched quality, proven durability, and advanced technology. Take advantage of our quick nationwide delivery directly to your institution, organisation, or storage facility.

Choose from our existing systems and models or let us know about your special requirements so that we can custom-design a system that fulfils your needs perfectly. With manual, mechanical, or electronic mobile library shelving, rollaway mobile shelving, curved library shelving, and more, we can help you find the system you want for any size library or classroom. We also offer a wide range of other library equipment and supplies. Contact QUANTUM Libraries today to learn more.

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