Inspirational Library POD

Ipswich City Council is leading the way with world Class Library Services Innovation. They have developed an amazing library "POD" solution located at the busy Karalee Shopping Village precinct.

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GECA Certification

Below is a recent CASE Study / Interview which was published on the GECA Website

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Woodridge Library Fit-out Header

Woodridge North State School

Quantum Libraries was proud to complete Woodridge North State School Library's new furnishings.

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school news article header

Library Makeovers Helping Literacy

A New School Library can lead to an upswing in Book Borrowing and can become a social hub.

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Inside View of Kawana Library's New Shelving

Kawana Library Revamp

Quantum Libraries was proud to complete Kawana Library's updated fit-out. Kawana patrons are thrilled with the many flexible and collaborative spaces created by the uniquely shaped and mobile book shelving, seating and other bespoke furnishings. 

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Pile of School Bags

Help to Organise Your Students

It's a common sight in schools. Outside and inside buildings, classrooms, cafeterias and in play areas. The clutter of students bags, backpacks, lunchboxes and anything else dropped in favour of the playground.

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