Junior Metal Shelving

Junior Metal Shelving

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Typical Combinations

Typical Combinations are Flat Shelves, Display and Browser Bins suited to larger picture style books for junior users. Typically setup as three (3) or four shelf stacks to a suitable height. A shelving expert is available to discuss your preferred heights and number of bays when quoting your required solution. Find examples below and browse more detail.

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Junior Shelving Examples!

Browse our latest Inspirations Catalogues and Room Ideas for more ways our customers are using metal shelving in their spaces. Every space is unique and so too are the possibilities for your final metal shelving solution – choose from various double-sided shelving component options to add to your quote or simply request a consultation from a product expert to discuss your needs and obtain specific guidance.

Metal Solutions made in Junior Sizes

Junior shelving incorporates the same metal shelving as the larger Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction collections - though obviously at a lower height. Typical shelving in junior areas are 1000 mm to 1500 mm high. Junior shelving components are generally chosen to be more accommodating for larger picture books and other media more popular with younger children. Choose from Single Sided, Double Sided, Wall Mount or Mobile Solutions and then select appropriate shelving components for a Junior audience. Explore Options for your desired Collection layout and a product expert can tailor your quotation to your suit Junior users

Junior Storage & Display Solutions

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