Taking Library Collections to Satellite Locations for 24/7 Service.
Library Bookshelf Kiosk Solution

Books to Where the People Are!

Books, CD’s, DVDs and other Collection Items dispensed via a Library Bookshelf Kiosk Solution


Located conveniently for library members and accessible using their library card. The Lib-Cabinet can operate at all hours and is constantly re-stocked as books previously borrowed are returned.
Library members can view the available collection titles through the cabinet door, swipe their membership card to open the door and take the items they want. The door closes automatically and a confirmation docket is then printed detaling the items borrowed.
The system works in reverse when items are returned and a returns receipt is issued.
The Lib-Cabinet is linked to the central library’s RFID book management system and all book withdrawals and returns recorded against the library card used. This means there is minimal staff involvement, except in the decisions made regarding the collections displayed and the number of copies of popular books stocked.

A smart compact Library for
Self Service check-out and
check in

Lib Cabinet and Storage Cupboard - No Logo
LibCabinet Version 2 with Rotating Book Storage Unit - now supplied with completely clear front door panel Version 3
Latest LIB-Cabinet-Version-3-Clear Door Panel (No Slats) -Noosa---Pomona-Community-Centre
In addition to an intuitive, inviting and hassle free user experience, your smart Lib-Cabinets come packed with a feature rich suite of management and reporting capabilities.
Remote maintenance mode, inventory management and complete integration with your library management system.


Please note – images displayed on this page are to demonstrate existing clients successfully utilising the LIB Cabinet at their sites and to assist visualising how you might possibly brand your own unit. Some images displayed are older models. We now offer a completely clear front window panel to the main door –  as well as an automated door opener/closer. The unit is also no longer supplied on castors.

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Extend Your
Library's Reach

Place at any Location

No Staff Overhead

Automatic RFID user check-out and check-in

Easy to Use with Optional Client Receipts

Automatic Door with Safety Sensors

Standard Member's Card Access

How to Use the Lib Cabinet - It's Easy!

Watch a Video of a Typical Lend and Return in action

Watch Video

Perfect for

Latest Release Books, CD’s, Movies, Games and Multi-media, Reference Material for Campus and Faculty Centers. Corporate and Hospitality Reference and Self Service secure access Kiosk. An RFID enabled media cabinet suitable for Public Libraries and other Membership based community Libraries.

City Council Venues

TAFE & Schools


Train & Bus Terminals

Hospital Common Areas

Retail Precincts

Corporate Cabinet

Mines & Camps

Entending Your Reach

Library Kiosk is fantastic!
It is getting plenty of use and the feedback we are receiving is that it is great because it saves Lake Cathie residents the drive into port Macquarie or Laurieton to borrow/return books.
Brendan Woollam
Co-Ordinator - Hastings Neighbourhood Services

Ipswich City Council Leading the Way


Ipswich City Library, in Queensland, has installed three Quantum Lib-Cabinets outside an Ipswich suburban Shopping Centre – with 24/7 access to the collections of latest book releases.
Ipswich have achieved the most amazing space with world leading style, inviting appeal and intelligent functionality.Ipswich City Library, in Queensland, has installed three Quantum Lib-Cabinets outside an Ipswich suburban Shopping Centre – with 24/7 access to the collections of latest book releases.
Unattended Lending Kiosks combined with inviting reading areas for patrons to read and relax. Further capabilities are incorporated with touch screen access to the wider Council’s entire online collection. Thanks to Ipswich for their wonderful collection of images and video.

Rapid Adoption in Education

Improving Campus Life with 24/7 Accessibility to Resources

Quantum Lib-Cabinets are already servicing students and staff at University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney and Darwin University.

Lib-Cabinets hold specific collections of books related to the subjects taught on that Campus. This allows students to access key subject books at their own Campus without having to visit the University’s central library.
In effect the central library has extended its reach out to the students allowing them to access relevant study material 24/7, without the inconvenience of travel time and library opening hours.
Discuss Suitable Sites & Deployment in Your Area Now!

Specifications, Pricing & More Infomation

Five Shelves

12" Touch Screen

Available in a Wide Range of Colours

Overall Dimension: 510 (D) x 1450 (W) x 2200 mm (H)

Connectivity: TCP/IP, LMS: SIP1 and SIP2

RFID Item Identification

Industry Standard 80mm Receipting

For Your Files

Lib Cabinet Version 3 Dimensions Line Drawing
Lib Cabinet Version 3 Dimensions Line Drawing

How does the Self Serve LIB-Cabinet work?

1 Scan your Library membership card
2 The cabinet door will open
3 Select books/return books
4 Push the green button to close the door
Image Source: Ipswich Karalee Self Serve Library Kiosk
Smart RFID automation
Removed books are automatically checked out to a patron’s account and returned items are automatically checked in off their account. The LIB-Cabinet automatic door has built in safety sensors.

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