Lib Cabinet

The Smart Compact Library

An intelligent, compact, self service Library Kiosk for remote Check-in and Check-out capability.

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LibCabinet Self Service Library Kiosks

Your own small library on location delivering extended access to library products 24 / 7.

With a combined check-in and check-out function you can offer an indoor library at an off-site / off-campus location of your choice. Perfect for universities and schools with multiple campuses and common subject matter requirements.

All you need is a network cable and power outlet.

How do Lib Cabinets work?

The Lib Cabinet transparent electronic door can be unlocked when a valid patron card is presented to the on-board badge reader.

The patron then simply removes the items he or she requires and closes the door.

Once closed the Lib Cabinet issues a transaction receipt which lists the items borrowed and due dates for return.

Returning an Item is equally simple:   Scan I.D. -- Open Door -- Return Item to Shelf

The intuitive user interface and transaction printing gives your customers all the information they need.

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LibCabinet Library Book Vending Kiosk
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Lib Cabinets communicate using secure industry SIP protocol

All lending and returns activity from remote Lib Cabinet Kiosks is instantly communicated to your library management system.

LibCabinets have a feature packed suite of maintenance features. For example,  you can perform a full inventory report and print inventory results.

Lib Cabinets are compatible with P.V. Supa centralised management software to give you all reporting and remote control functionalities common to other software products by P.V. Supa

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