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Double Sided Metal Shelving options to suit my space

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Typical Combinations

Typical Combinations are Flat Shelves - with our without a Base Up-Tilt Shelf. A Magazine Display Unit and a complete Browser Bin stack of shelves. You can setup as three (3), four (4) or five (5) shelf stacks to suit Children, Junior or Adult patrons. A shelving expert will contact you with your quote request to discuss your preferred heights and number of bays when quoting your required solution

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Metal Shelving Examples!

Browse our latest Inspirations Catalogues and Room Ideas for more ways our customers are using metal shelving in their spaces. Every space is unique and so too are the possibilities for your final metal shelving solution – choose from various double-sided shelving component options to add to your quote or simply request a consultation from a product expert to discuss your needs and obtain specific guidance.



Metal Shelving is like a huge "Meccano Set" - we can build shelving sections with one (1), two (2) or three(3) bays. You can specify various heights and number of shelves. By combining select joinery and finishing panels with our huge selection of adjustable shelving components, any new and interesting style, layout and functionality can be achieved within your library. Find below popular components for the optimum organisation and display of your collection. You may wish to specify detailed components below or message a product specialist to quickly determine the best solution for you needs and budget.

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Quantum Library Supplies Sales Manager, Colin Matthews, can provide advice and offer handy suggestions to guide you to the best shelving solution

Typical Components

Slanted Display Shelf

15-60 Degree Display Shelf

Slanted Display Shelf

45 Degree Display Shelf

CD Shelf Component

DVD Display Shelf

Display Sign

Double Canopy Shelf

Double Canopy Shelf

Faceout Display Metal Component

Display Bin Face Out

2 Tier Display

2 Tier Display 

3 Tier Display

3 Tier Display

Shelf Divider Set

zig zag support

Zig Zag Support

Base Up tilt Metal Shelf Component

Base Up-Tilt Shelf

Low Profile Browser Bin

Browser Bin Low Profile

Browser Bin Component

Standard Browser Bin

Acrylic Bin

Clear Browser Bin

Metal Serial Shelf Component

Serial Shelf

Flat Metal Shelf

Flat Shelves

AV Shelf Component

Av Shelf

Metal Faceout Divider Component

Face-out with Dividers

Joinery Panels

Display Sign Top Cap

Display Sign Top Cap

back brace

Back Brace (2 Per Bay)

infill back panel

Infill Back Panel

Hover / Select Hotspot for Detail of Component

shelving-legend with castor

Audio Visual Bag Rag Rail
View AV BAG Range Here

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15-60 Degree Display Shelf

2 of 25

Display Sign

3 of 25

45 Degree Display Shelf

4 of 25

DVD Display Shelf

5 of 25

AV Shelf

6 of 25

Double Shelf Canopy

7 of 25

Face Out Display Bin

8 of 25

Single Shelf Canopy

9 of 25

2 Tier Display Shelf

10 of 25

3 Tier Display Shelf

11 of 25

Divider Shelf Set

12 of 25

Zigzag support shown on Base Uptilt Shelf

13 of 25

Faceout Display Bin with Dividers

14 of 25

Low Profile Browser Bin

15 of 25

Standard Browser Bin

16 of 25

Clear Browser Bin

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Serial Shelf

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Flat shelf
(200mm, 225mm ,250mm ,300mm sizes)

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Base Uptilt Shelf

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Melamine / Joinery Panel

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Make Shelving Mobile
See Below more detail

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Infill Back Panel
Can be Joinery, Steel Powdercoat, Acryllic or Vinyl Decal Covering

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Display Sign Top Cap

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Back Brace 2 per bay

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Frame Configuration

Specify Number or Shelves and Bays. You can message a Shelving Specialist and we can create easily create a shelving plan for fit-out of your entire space. Contact us on 1800 773 374 for a free consultation and to discuss your required configuration. Below are typical configurations as a starting point to any quotation.

Typical 5 Shelf 

Typical 4 Shelf

Typical 3 Shelf

Other Configurations

You can specify any height from 1000 mm right up to 2400 mm - with or without a shelf top canopy. This means you have the flexibility to build an exact solution for children, young adult and adult users - as appropriate to your space. For Example you may wish to create a 4 shelf children's solution without a top canopy. We can make exactly what you need!

Non-Typical Configuration

Add to Quote and a shelving expert will contact you as part of the quote process to define the perfect solution for you!

1 Bay

2 Bays

3 or More Bays

Make Your Shelving Mobile

Add Flexibility to Your Space

Mobile Shelving is becoming increasingly popular. Recommended Maximum 3 Bays (Fiction) and 2 Bays (Non-Fiction). Adds 100 mm height to your shelving

Add Castors & Bracing

The Perfect Style & Finish

Create Fancy Curves with Wedges and Joiners

The latest and most popular accessory in Shelving are Wedges and Joiners. Just like End Panels these trendy additions allow you to create fancy curves out of straight lines!

Wedges and Joiners

Many more Styling and Accessory Options

Please find links to relevant swatches and other complimentary considerations for planning purposes. We have a huge variety of additional features such as stylish and practical End Panels, Toppers, Signage, Shelf Labeling and much more. Dress up your metal shelving to match your decor and add extra functionality to your collection display. You can browse the pages below and Add to Quote there or Contact a Shelving Specialist to discuss further on 1800 773 374.

The Fit-out Process


Design Planning and Support

An entire library or shelving fit-out can be a daunting task. A Free No-Obligation Consultation is just a phone call away. We offer a specialist turnkey solution. Let us help you Plan the perfect solution for your space. We render accurate 2D and 3D plans for your approvals and turn those plans into reality in our Brisbane Factory. We Manufacture and Install.

Room Plan Example and 3D Mockups. Click to Enlarge

Library and School Furniture and Fit-outs - it's what we do! Phone 1800 773 374

relocations and library support

Don't Lift a Finger!

Did you know we offer complete Library Relocation and Support Services- you don't have to lift a finger! Library Collection integrity is our guarantee. No heavy lifting or WHS issues to worry about. Managing your collection is an often overlooked part of shelving upgrades or library renovations.

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