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Topaz RFID Handheld Library Reader Side View

Find Lost Collection Items & More

Supercharge Your Collection Management with the NEW TOPAZ RFID Handheld Reader!...

Sapphire Book Drop Face On

NEW ! Sapphire Book Drop

24/7 Automated Returns
Items are Automatically Checked into the system at time of book drop

Save Your Back!

The mobile e-Bin design addresses workplace health and safety issues and avoids bending or lifting when removing collection items. Constant position clearing is achieved by a clever Automatic Self Leveling Platform...

Lib Cabinet

Taking Library Collections to satellite locations for 24/7 service.
Books to where the people are!...

The Mini

Extremely Popular and Trending right now are PODS and Circulation Desks. "The Mini", is a compact, height adjustable unit which can be tailored and branded to make it uniquely yours!...

Themed Reading Nooks

Shelving End Panels

Shelving End Panels are an extremely Cost Efficient Way to Jazz Up Your Shelving and give your space a facelift. We offer Printed End Panels, functional OPAC, QWALL display panels and much more...

Colourful Ottomans

Add a splash of colour and comfort
Invite more customers into your reading spaces!...

Easy Readers

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