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School Fit-out Solutions

Quantum Libraries handle the complete make-over, expansion and or relocation of school libraries, specialist classrooms and Equipment Australia wide. We facilitate entire furnishing and fit-out solutions - including new installations and for your next renovation or update. 

You can be confident Quantum can handle the entire process from concept to colour palette through to design, layout, collection security and operational requirements. We offer You a complete design, manufacture, relocation, storage and installation package.

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Design & Planning

Library Products

Consumable and Support Items

We've got you covered with a Huge Range of Library Support items - thousands of stock items ready to ship. Everything from Book Covering Materials, Genre Signs and Labels to Chairs and Book Trolleys are in stock.

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Primary School Library

Junior School Libraries

Purpose designed and scaled down library shelving and furnishings. Designed to enhance the child’s initial library experience with colour and relaxing spaces.

Adaptability using mobile shelving and furniture allows teachers to use the library space for different class and group sizes.

Quantum Libraries also provide a wide range of book covering materials and equipment, maintaining books in good condition to avoid replacement costs

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Senior School Libraries

Purpose designed, senior school libraries combine individual and group spaces with the need to provide subject text books for multiple age groups and a comprehensive range of suitable literature.

Attractive comfortable seating and working spaces for laptops, tablets with power connections are critical design components.

Adaptability using mobile shelving and furniture allows teachers to use the library space for different class and group sizes. This expands the usage value of the library space, without detracting from a welcoming sanctuary for busy students.

Quantum Libraries also provide a wide range of book covering materials and equipment, maintaining books in good condition to avoid replacement costs.

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Specialised Classroom & School Furniture

Science Lab Workspace Fitout

Science Labs

Purpose designed as independent Pods with power, water & gas connections. Allows students to conduct hands-on research and experimentation at the same time as the science teacher.  

Manual Arts Classroom

Manual Arts Workshops

Practical workshops for both metalworking and woodworking subjects. Stoutly constructed and easily maintained.

Home Economics Classroom

Domestic Arts Facilities

Designed to handle a wide variety of domestic arts subjects, equipment and working spaces.
The facilities are adaptable and mobile to provide a range of teaching options and class sizes.

Custom Made Student Bag Racks on School Verandah

Bag Racks & Lockers

Quantum bag racks and lockers have been designed to handle daily use and abuse by students. They are guaranteed for 10 years of all but deliberate damage.

Relocations Staff on-site during a Library move

On-Site Services

Did you know we can handle your internal or building to building Library re-locations ? We even Guarantee the order of collection

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Library Design & Fit-out

We offer a turnkey solution for the complete design, manufacture and fit-out of all types of School Libraries across Australia and New Zealand

Why Quantum?

10 Year Guarantee

10 Year Warranty

Quantum's industry leading build quality gives you peace of mind with a massive 10 year Warranty on our workmanship

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All Australian

Australian Made Products by 100% Australian owned and operated company. Australian Jobs - All Australian

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Quantum's Custom in-house Joinery and Metal Fabrication Capabilities give you the freedom and flexibility to bring your vision to life.

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40 Years Experience

With 40 Years of service to Libraries, we know how to get the job done right, ensuring your collection is well cared for and kept in order - making Your Job a Breeze.

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Custom Built School Bag Racks
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Here's an Idea

"Sheltered Bag racks built tough to withstand student wear and tear - eliminates racks being used as seating by students plus a veranda Space saving all weather design that will stand the test of time.

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