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Library Book Shelves

Rethinking Library Shelves for Tomorrow’s Needs

Library bookshelves are a deceptively simple product — how difficult could it be to store books, after all?

When you begin to factor in operational requirements, space limitations, and current concerns, however, it fast becomes clear that there is more to fitting out a library space than meets the eye. At QUANTUM, we know libraries — and we're ready to pass that knowledge on to our clients through in-depth support and robust products.

Unlock the Benefits of Custom Shelving

One of our key abilities includes custom manufacturing capabilities. Why take advantage of this service? 

01 Unique Shelving Solution

Easily develop solutions for shelves that meet complex requirements, or achieve a demanded level of functionality within a limited space. Because we don't provide strictly "off the shelf" solutions (no pun intended), we can adapt our abilities to suit unique scenarios better.

02 Functional Shelving Built to Last

Invest in furniture and shelves designed to last for the long haul, even in heavy use environments such as children’s' libraries. Units on wheels allow for easy reconfiguring of the space, providing libraries with greater flexibility in adapting to changing needs over time. There's no telling when you will have the next opportunity to create or renovate a library: equip it correctly the first time.

03 Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Enjoy a ten-year-long warranty covering our workmanship against defect and failure — an industry-leading standard that delivers true peace of mind to our customers. Even years after installation, we will respond to warranty claims to ensure protection for your investment.

Popular Shelving Ideas

Shelving End Panel with Suggested Books


Featured End Panels

Printed End Panel


Themed End Panels

Curved Mobile Shelving


Curved Mobile Shelving

Why Trust QUANTUM with Your Custom Library Shelves?

At QUANTUM, creating peace of mind for our customers is important to us; while we are proud of all the benefits listed above, we know we must go farther to provide the support our clients seek.

You can trust us to deliver

  • We've been a leader in the industry for four decades and counting, and we're still innovating fresh solutions to this day. Our longevity is one of our strengths. In spite and because of the change in our industry, we've continued to adapt.
  • Customer service with a personal touch is a core component to our business, and a continuing focus of our operations daily. Enjoy clear, transparent communications that simplify the process of buying custom bookshelves and create confidence in good outcomes.
  • Our Australian-based manufacturing capabilities and broad design experience enable us to approach every client with a "can-do" attitude.

Not every standard shelving system will prove suitable for every application; whether you operate a TAFE facility, or you represent a council redeveloping a community library, bespoke touches can define your space as something special.

Designer Booth Style Seating

Bespoke Modular Beach Theme incorporates seating and shelving

A Cost Effective Choice

From our 40 years of experience to our Australian-based manufacturing facilities, we cut out the middleman and much of the frustrating process that can add to the bottom line of your invoice. 

Ask us about how we can assist you in the concept and design phases to make the most of your budget, too. Contact us directly to start the process today.

Furniture Expert

Consult with Furniture and Fit-out expert to explore the possibilities for your space!


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