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Quantum Library Supplies Custom Made Trolley and Under Stage storage solutions. See below gallery images of under stage solutions that some of our other customers have recently implemented into their hall, conference and school environments. Custom built to suit your space and storage requirements our under stage trolley solution can accommodate stackable chairs and foldable tables. Add to Quote for a free consultation and pricing with respect to chairs, tables and designing your trolley to fit your space. Gallery Images and more information below.

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Works Perfectly!
Just a quick thankyou for the trolleys at Talara. They fit perfectly and roll as you said they would.
We will be sure to promote your business to anyone after a great product.
Scott Butcher
Deputy Principal - Talara Primary College

Trolley Format for open stacking

When storage of a large number of tables or chairs is needed, Understage Storage is an efficient and easy solution. The minimum height of the trolley is 700 mm. Each trolley uses polyurethane rollers which provide a large weight capacity and create an easy to move platform. 

Custom Made Dimensions

The width of your trolley is made to suit your under-stage environment while leaving enough room that it isn’t difficult to manoeuvre. i.e 2.0m opening = 1.8m Trolley or a 1.8m opening = 1.6m Trolley. 

Calculating Chair Capacity

For storing chairs, the capacity can be estimated as follows:
Width Capacity 1st Chair = 830mm + 50mm for each additional chair

i.e 1x 830mm + 19 x 50mm = 20 Chairs = 1.8m or 
1x 830mm + 15 x 50mm = 16 Chairs = 1.6m

Depth Capacity Each Stack = 1m

i.e 6m Trolley = 6 Stacks
1.8m Trolley @ 6m = 6x Stacks @20 Chairs = 120 Chairs

A typical “stackable chair” is only 4-5kg and 144 chairs is less than 650kg. The rated capacity of  a 6 meter trolley is 9.8 tonne – so the trolley is exceptionally easy to move.5

Calculating Table Capacity

In the case of tables, 1800mm long tables will need a 1850mm wide trolley. Tables will be lent over at an angle to reduce overall height. Tables will be stored sideways so that the gap caused by being lent over is not repeated as it would be if stored lengthways. Horizontal strips will be
added periodically down the trolley to make sure that the tables do not slip. Trolleys can be as made as long as needed to store the required amount of tables.

Custom Storage Box Configuration

Under stage storage boxes

Custom Under Stage boxes for storing various objects such as sports equipment can also be made to order. Dimensions for storage is to order, however height will be 700mm for storing under stages like the chair and table storage options.
Each unit can be bolted together to form one long unit which can be pulled out together.

Gas struts will be used for the lid so that opening and closing can be done safely and easily.

Suggested Stackable Chairs

Sydney Girls High School Under Stage Storage
Sydney Girls High School's Custom Solution
Sydney Girls High School Under Stage Storage Open
Sydney Girls High School's Custom Solution - Open

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