Peace & Quiet in an Instant...
Solving a Problem You Didn't Know You Had!


Peace & Quiet in an Instant...
Solving a Problem You Didn't Know You Had!

Compact Private Work Spaces designed to Drop-in to Busy Environments. Patrons, Staff and Clients can now instantly escape to their New Distraction-Free QPODs from Quantum Library Supplies.

QPOD Models W D S
QPOD W Sound Proof Booth with patron
QPOD Models M D S
QPOD Models W D S

Born to Solve Two Main Issues with Open Plan Environments


Keep your business YOUR business with physical and acoustic privacy away from the chaos of your busy workplace. Whether it’s securing that business deal or taking a personal call.

More Room

While open-plan work environments are great for culture and collaboration, sometimes you just need room away from distractions.

Available in a Range of Sizes

Meet Our QPODs

The S POD is a single person private space suitable for finding a personal private space for light tasks, time-out, phone calls…

When you need to work with absolute focus and privacy, the W POD is perfect. It comes with a laminated worktop / desk

When you need to work with maximum focus and minimal distraction. Perfect for one-on-one discussion.

A great functional working space designed to seat  3 people comfotably. Ideal for collaboration, interviews & more …

Perfect for big discussions & meetings for groups of up to 10 people. Soundproofed meetings in style.

Watch & Listen
Quick Sound Proof
Demo Loop

QPOD Curves

Sleek curves and contemporary arches that bring modern sophistication to any work space. Designed to fit seamlessly yet add an air of calm and serenity to even the busiest of work environments.

Comfort & Privacy

Work Comfortably!
Staff, Clients and Patrons will enjoy in a well ventilated private and sound proofed space. With all the tech goodies ready for work!


Robust metal construction using galvanised materials. Sophisticated build automation ensures the highest quality manufacturing

Energy Efficient

Sensor Based ON/OFF switch. With external light in use function & linked low power ventilation fans ensure efficiency

High Accoustic Rating

Certified and Tested sound proof ratings along with fire certifications. The QPOD Range defines the standard!


5 Year Warranty

QPODs ship with a 5 Year Structural Warranty so you can be confident you’ve made the right choice.

Create An Ideal Working
Environment in Any Space

Solving Problems Everywhere

Many Use Cases

& Everything you need in the QPOD

What Will You Do in Your QPOD?

Contact a QPOD Product Expert to secure your shipping Position

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QPOD-S Sound Proof Demo
in a Busy Open  Space