Crystal RFID Security Gates (Alarm)


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For Self Service Control in Library Management Systems. Protect your Community Library Investment with RFID Security Gates and Book Theft Alarm System. Modern Design, Sound and Light Warning & More

Replaces superceded Gates with new and added capability:

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RFID for THEFT Prevention

Trigger a Sound and Visual Alarm when someone tries to carry an item that contains anti-theft activated RFID-label through the gates. Items that have already been checked out, and where the alarm has been deactivated, won’t cause an alarm on the gates. Because of the RFID-technology, other types of materials won’t cause false alarms.

Crystal RFID Security Gate Alarm System

Modern Design

A modern transparent solution cleverly crafted to blend unobtrsuively into your space.

Security Alert

If a visitor intentionally or unintentionally passes through the walkway created by your new security gates with anti-theft activated books or other media, the system will alert staff and other patrons via the built-in alarm and / or visual alert.

Multiple Locations

An easy and out of the box complete and scalable solution. Easily secure 1,2,3 or 4 entrances and wide thoroughfares as well

Independant Operation

The gates work independantly and do not need to connect with a host system to identify RFID tags and trigger an alert. This increases security and reduces the risk of circumventing the system. The Gates also recognise EAS or AFI Alarms.

"RFID for THEFT Prevention. Community Cost Savings & Efficient Collection Management. Smarter Libraries do more than Survive - We Help them Thrive!"

Dashboard Equipped for Tracking Data

The security gates can be equipped with the unique QLS-Lyngsoe Dashboard Software and the reporter software to provide the ever so useful alarm and patron count data in many different formats, as well as the item title and barcode of all the items creating the alarm, in real time.

The gates are not just a sleek, compact, modern library solution, the unique dashboard software can also monitor patron numbers in your library and flow of patrons in and out – giving management better planning data for staffing and other obvious safety parameters.

The RFID security gates come in two different versions for normal or wide openings. The library gate can be expanded to up to eight pedestals to cover an extra wide-open entrance. 

This enables you to ensure accessibility by opening your library up to disabled people and will help you to be flexible in terms of accommodating goods in – and – out through your entrances.



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