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Woodridge State School Library

Quantum Libraries was proud to complete Woodridge North State School Library's new furnishings.


Woodridge North's Latest Fit-out

We'll Let the pictures do the talking the talking below. Their vision not only encourages student attendance but also offers re-configurable, flexible spaces for just about any activity and use of their library space.

Please don't hesitate to contact Quantum Library Supplies or leave a comment below for the team at Woodridge State School. 

Woodridge North State School Library Fit-out offers

  1. Multi-purpose and mobile furnishings
  2. Custom Fitted Shelving
  3. Modern Colour Palette and durable design
  4. Open adjustable spaces which can be easily re-configured.
  5. Easy to clean, stylish and functional bloom stool seating


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Featured Gallery Items

Custom Fitted Shelving and Multimedia Station defined by bespoke seating and workstation and on demand library classroom area:

Our custom joinery team produces the highest quality multi-function units. In this case custom seating and shelving which is mobile and can be re-configured to define any space as required.

We'd love to hear from you to learn about your space.

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I hope Woodridge North has inspired in you some creative thoughts for the next evolution of your Library space.

Drop us a line here and tell us your story.
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