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Ipswich City Council is leading the way with world Class Library Services Innovation. They have developed an amazing library "POD" solution located at the busy Karalee Shopping Village precinct.


Ipswich Taking Library Services to the People

The remote Mini Library POD / Kiosk extends Ipswich City Council Libraries' reach and is a high impact method of delivering services right to "where the people are'!

At the heart of the Karalee POD design are three new Quantum Library Supplies "LIB-Cabinets", which automate lending, returns and reservations. Mini self-serve Library Kiosks requiring minimal staff overhead and providing convenient access for busy shoppers and commuters. 

The Karalee Library POD also incorporates smart interactive touch screens which enable user guided self-creation of new memberships and providing patrons with access to the wider library catalogue - for reservations and other desired interaction.

New Ipswich Council Library POD

Remote Interactive Self Service Library

Next Level Library satellite facility. Self-Serve interactivity and comfortable reading areas.

Ipswich City Council's brand and capabilities are proudly on full display within the heart of the busy Karalee retail shopping centre precinct.

Karalee Self Serve Library Kiosk

Source: Ipswich City Council

How does the Self Serve LIB-Cabinet work?

Library Book Vending Machine

Quantum Library Supplies LIB-Cabinets are available in a large range of colours

  1. 1
    Scan your Library membership card or Membership Phone App
  2. 2
    The cabinet door will open
  3. 3
    Select books/return books
  4. 4
    Push the green button to close the door

Smart RFID automation

Removed books are automatically checked out to a patron's account and returned items are automatically checked in off their account

Unattended Library Kiosk Door Opening

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Courtesy: Ipswich City Council Library Services

Self Serve Library Kiosk Character


Taking Library Collections
to Satellite Locations 24/7

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