Inside View of Kawana Library's New Shelving

Kawana Library Revamp

Quantum Libraries was proud to complete Kawana Library's updated fit-out. Kawana patrons are thrilled with the many flexible and collaborative spaces created by the uniquely shaped and mobile book shelving, seating and other bespoke furnishings. 


Kawana Library's Latest Fit-out

The fit-out involved collaboration with all stakeholders including Library Management, architects and builders, to deliver a leading edge new library and important community space for Kawana residents to enjoy.

Aspects of this Library Fit-out

  1. Liaison with the architects and designers (Mode Design) to interpret their concepts, make the practical operational changes required for approval and provide working 3D renderings of the library space.
  2. Interpret/modify the design and manufacture of circulation pods.
  3. Interpret/modify the design and manufacture of curved library shelving and curved display areas, with sliding CD / DVD storage drawers.
  4. Interpret/modify the design, Manufacture and supply of seating areas and chairs.
  5. Removal of library collection from old shelving, dismantle / remove old shelving, install new shelving and furniture, then re-shelving of the collection.

Unique Features of the Kawana Library Fit-out

Custom Built Library furniture

Combination picture book snake boxes and shelving with seating and display area.

A colourful and inviting area for parents and children to use and perfect as a dividing area for organised activities.

Improved Design Features

  • Strengthened Seating
  • Castors for Mobility
  • Acrylic Panels for better user interface and book visibility
Children's play area Kawana Library

Vinyl Printed Themed Bookshelves and Walls

Kawana Library's Theme "BANKSIA" vinyl wrap design on bookshelf end panels and decorative printed walls.

Printed Vinyl Wrapped Wall Decoration
Decorative Vinyl Printed Library Bookshelf Panels

Made to Order Custom Book Shelves

Circular, propeller shaped shelving, which when duplicated creates efficient use of space and defines unique spaces when placed in-situ.

Propeller shaped bespoke book shelving

Curved Shelving to define spaces

Curved mobile book and presentation shelving in reading area.

Kawana Library has the ability to utilise furnishings to creativity re-define internal spaces on demand and as required to facilitate community needs into the future.

Curved Bookshelves

We'd love to hear from you to learn about your space.

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I hope Kawana has inspired in you some creative thoughts for the next evolution of your Library space.

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