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Children’s Library Project Vanuatu

Support the Childrens Library Project Vanuatu

We are putting your old library shelving to good use in Vanuatu… Now we need some book donations to go on them!

Ipswich Taking Library Services to the People

We get a lot of old shelving when we refurbish libraries, some of it in very good condition and we have had to reluctantly send it for recycling as scrap metal.

Now thanks to Neale Collier from The Library Project Vanuatu, we are able to donate it to them to fit out their school libraries. Neale and his team have worked with community volunteers to install small libraries in schools where the children have not previously had access to books.

I read about the project in an article last year and contacted Neale to offer him the old library shelves. Being steel, they are ideal for the humid tropical climate in Vanuatu, as melamine flat-pack shelving will not last.

I’m pleased to tell you that the project has been very successful with Library Project volunteers creating eight libraries out of last year’s book and shelving donations. There has been a notable improvement in student results at recipient schools, proving that the gift of a library can improve educational outcomes.
More books are urgently needed right now as there is space in the shipping container scheduled to go to Vanuatu in the next few weeks. We have also collected a pallet of books and will assist with pick-ups of donated books where possible.

Required to Sustain the Project

Neale has identified three other things needed to sustain the project which you may be able to help with.


They need around 4,000 books (not textbooks) for each library and a suitable mixture of fiction and especially non-fiction. These are checked and categorised by the volunteers. If you have suitable books I will arrange for their collection and delivery to Neal and his team. They are Brisbane based so collection is limited to SE Queensland.


Money is needed to send the 40-foot shipping container with shelves, books and other resources to Vanuatu.


The Library Project Vanuatu invites inquiries from any groups interested in a life changing trip to give real assistance to these communities.

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Vanuatu: Restoring Education after Cyclone Harold

The encouragement of reading at school and beyond depends on libraries and books. It is great to see that the old steel library shelving will still be doing its job for years to come.


If you would like to donate books, funds or to volunteer your services or expertise, Neale can be contacted by SMS or mobile on 0405 412 432

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