Innovations in Library Book Return Systems, Book Handling Automation and Security Gates

Automation in library systems has become something of a buzzword these days With many library managers eager to find solutions to the common problems that manual shelving and book handling can pose, it’s no surprise that such systems are becoming more popular Along with this increased interest in... ... read more.

Australia-Made Library Lounge Furniture and other Furnishings from Trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers

It’s no secret that the face of libraries is rapidly changing in the digital age Rather than worrying about what these changing trends mean for your facility, by embracing these innovative modernisation opportunities you can potentially create an improved library experience through upgraded... ... read more.

Break Out of ‘The Fortress’ with Height-Adjustable Library Reception Pods

The traditional image of the bulky library reception counter with its stern, bespectacled librarian might be somewhat reminiscent of a fortress, something that keeps the public at arm’s length and is far from inviting Thankfully, as libraries evolve and modernize, this image is beginning to... ... read more.

How QUANTUM Libraries Makes Library Relocations in Brisbane Simple

Libraries need renovations or upgrades to their facilities from time to time, and as every library manager knows, this means relocating perhaps dozens of bookshelves and thousands of books while the work is in progress How do you take on such a daunting task without risking injury to your staff At... ... read more.

Choosing Library Furniture and Where to Buy Library Seating, Circulation Desks, Tables and Chairs in Australia

When you’re choosing furniture for a library, you’ll see that there are seemingly endless options and that narrowing down your choices can be daunting You’ll want to select pieces that meet the library’s needs and those of its users and will withstand years of use – not only regarding... ... read more.

QUANTUM Libraries for Custom Library Shelving, Shelves, Bookcase, and Bookshelves in Australia

Library shelves do much more than merely hold books Modern libraries deserve more than bookshelves that look like warehouse racking That’s because making a library user-friendly, attractive, and fun, the shelving is about more than storage – it’s also about displaying them in an aesthetically... ... read more.

What Students Want in a Library and Finding a Library Supply Store or Company in Australia for the Supplies You Need

When you’re designing a library, how can you make the best choices for the students who will use it There’s more to it than simply picking out some bookshelves, tables, and chairs Excellent library design incorporates several elements to create a space that’s conducive to work, study, and... ... read more.

Need a Book Cart or Library Trolley on Wheels? QUANTUM Libraries Can Help

Library carts may not seem very glamorous, but they are one of the most important items in a library or classroom They started out as simple book carts to help librarians shelve books more efficiently, but they turned out to be so useful and versatile that now they are used in classrooms and other... ... read more.

Library Furniture for Sale

Secure Perfectly Suited to Your Needs When considering library furniture for sale, it is unfortunately easy to quickly realise that the equipment your organisation needs simply doesn't exist yet — or if there are solutions that meet your needs, they aren't accessible At QUANTUM, we strive to... ... read more.

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